Valley Hike

Here is a short hike into an area I have not visited before. This is not as remote as I prefer but I found that just a mile into the hills was a valley with almost no sign of people. I drove a few miles to a nearby village then down a dirt road I found on maps to the foothills. The drive was pleasant through farmland and vineyards around the village and through the desert to the hills. At the base of the foothills the road became a four wheel drive path so I parked there in a cleared area. That area was littered with trash, shotgun shells, and some skins of large animals which I think are mule deer. Hunters might field dress prey here. From there I went into a canyon hopefully less visited than the main one.


Areas covered with rock plates aren’t uncommon. This rock shows the layers that produce the plates.


I went up a small tributary canyon to go over the ridge into the next one. Sometimes there are cliffs but this one had a rock passage at the top.

panorama (1mb)
panorama (1mb)

Above the passage I saw the valley beyond and a view across the basin.

panorama (1mb)
panorama (1mb)

Ravens flew around this cliff. It looks flat in the photo but really is U shaped. There is a nest on a ledge. Maybe that belongs to the ravens. Below the nest is a pile of sticks. They might be from construction of the nest.

panorama (2mb)
panorama (2mb)

In the valley I found deer and cattle tracks and saw jackrabbits. There were no roads, tire tracks, no trace of people here.


Farther in I found the only evidence of people. This stack of rocks may be for the geocaching game or a marker.


Much of the surface is covered with these gray and reddish rocks. I believe this is lava or volcanic. They are light and the colors are like lava rocks elsewhere.



I had dinner in a shady place sheltered from wind. This camp food was a gift (thanks Kim and everyone). The view from here and the calm silence was nice.

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