Portrait of Paige Turner

I saw a computer graphics portrait and was inspired to create one.

This is an exercise in materials, texturing and rendering. The cup, room, and book are made by me while the character is a free Daz item.

Her eyes looked crossed when focused at a spot on the book so I focused them on a point a few inches beyond the book. Her irises emit a little light. This is because the natural light didn’t show the green which is needed to work with the background and to make them a point of interest. It was difficult to pose her hands to hold the book and cup.

There is a floor, ceiling, seat, and four walls. Only the window has details. The room is lit by the sun and sky preset through the window.

The tea cup and the tea in it are separate items The tea is slightly larger than the inside of cup. While not like reality that makes the color look right. The book is composed of several parts. I made images of two pages from Thuvia, Maid of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and applied them to the pages.

I initially finished this project on February 21, 2016. Then I reworked it finishing on Dec. 30. In the rework I adjusted various details of skin and eyes, changed her pose to look more natural, enlarged the cup and re-positioned the fingers to be less crowded, and rendered a larger picture with some options active.


Modeling: Room, cup, and book modeled in Daz Hexagon
Texturing: Daz Studio
Rendering: Iray in Daz
Character, hair and clothing: Daz free models
Plants: Plant Studio

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