Rocks and Dirt

Pottery Factory

On this hike there were many interesting rock formations, little wildlife, and few signs of people. Sometimes there was a horse trail. I saw the tracks of deer, dogs or maybe coyotes, horses, people, and birds. Wildlife sightings were a hawk and rabbits.

I passed the old pottery factory while driving to the hiking area. I’ve been to the pottery factory when Bill rented the house there. He lived in the house and the owners, who also own much land around it, sometimes stayed in the building with “Pottery” painted on it.

I explored the hike area some a few weeks ago.

The photos of this hike were often too light or too dark. I adjusted
them in Paint Shop but many would have artifacts if changed too much.

In an Arroyo
Mesquite in Arroyo
Arroyo Pile

First I crossed arroyos. There are large ones here that are 20 feet deep. It was about 12 feet deep in these pictures. I went to a place where side streams cut an easy access path into the side. You can’t climb the sides of an arroyo because it is dirt and the sides can collapse. I went along the arroyo toward the deeper part and found another path out on the other side.

There were small ones feeding into the big ones. Some of them were ribbons just a foot or foot-and-a-half wide and 6 or 8 feet deep.

Rock Formations

A field of eroded sandstone rocks was on the rise out of a valley. Most of these boulders are around 6 feet long or tall. There were many interesting shapes and details. I found that 2 dimensional photos don’t show the 3 dimensional features well. There were many interesting erosion features all along this hike and this area. I could spend weeks or months exploring them.


This sandstone along the top of the valley had formations too.


This animal den was in a flat area above the valley.


This canyon was past the valley. The stream bed is as far as I went before.


This large cottonwood tree was in the canyon. There was a cow nearby in the bushes.


I saw this pedestal in a mini-canyon on the way up the north side of the canyon. The rock on top is about 2 to 2.5 feet wide. At the top I saw an eroded sandstone area with a stump and plants and tried to take an artistic photo.

Small Arch
Rock Plates
Large Arch

There were several features over the rise and into the next valley. I saw a rock arch with an opening of about 8 or 9 inches, an area paved with thin plates of eroded rocks, and a large arch. The rock plates made an interesting sound if moved slightly. There was a dirt road in this valley. Truck, people, and dog tracks went along the road. I like places without roads or people but if that road is public and not too rough for my truck then I can reach this area on it a begin a hike from there into the land beyond.

Panorama 360 (2MB)

I made this 360 degree panorama from the top of a hill.

Be sure to click the panorama to see the large picture.
— It is larger than your screen. If your browser fits it to your screen then click the picture to see full size. Maybe click again if the magnifier symbol indicates it can be larger.
— Use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to pan across the picture.
— Large pictures take time to download. Be patient.

From there I went back to the truck since there was little daylight left. I’ll probably explore the land beyond the panorama hill someday.

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