This picture of cherimoyas and kiwanos (horned fruit) was for a computer graphics speed modeling contest. The models had to be completed within 4 hours.

I started with a dragon fruit but ran out of time. Then I chose a cherimoya for another try to make a contest entry. I had enough time left to add the kiwano.


Here is the wire frame of the scene.

Fruit Wireframe

The picture below shows how the kiwanos were made. The fruits are 3D computer models. Their textures are images made from photographs and wrapped around the shapes. First I made a triangulated sphere. Then I applied a subdivision surface (SDS) function to it. That divides a model like this into more facets and smooths it. I knew that the SDS would produce the hexagons and hoped to make the horns by pulling the center points of some of them. That didn’t create the desired effect so I made a model for the horns, copied it, and placed copies around the fruit. I merged all the parts into one piece and applied more SDS.

Kiwano Construction

Here is the dragon fruit I tried first. That proved more challenging than I thought. I made arrays of petals and customized some by hand to make the leaves on top.

Dragon Fruit

Each petal has this texture made from a photo wrapped around it. The texture is shown below and on several objects.

Dragon Fruit Texture
Texture Examples

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