This is accidental art. Semi-accidental since I fine tuned it after I saw it looked good. I was experimenting without intention of a finished picture and this happened. Sometimes when I am working on a CG project I’ll make a mistake or experiment and the results are unexpected art. Be sure to click the picture to see a large version.

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Here is a wireframe showing the structure of the objects in the scene.

This is the whole setup. There are the three round objects, a camera, a cube, a plane, and a spotlight. The inner part of the triangular parts of the round objects emits light. Iray doesn’t have volumetric or atmospheric ability to produce the underwater, fog, or light beams effect. It has subsurface scattering usually used for skin or wax or other translucent materials. I enclosed the scene in a cube with subsurface scattering to simulate volumetrics.


Modeling: Daz Hexagon
Materials: Daz Studio
Rendering: Iray in Daz

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